2021-22 Independent Redistricting Commission

Redistricting process

The redistricting process was administered by an independent redistricting commission. The commission had seven commissioners and two alternates. Alternates fully participated in commission deliberations but could not vote and could not be counted toward the establishment of a quorum. Alternates were subject to the same qualifications, restrictions and standards of conduct as all other commissioners. The Independent Redistricting Commission was responsible for setting Menlo Park’s electoral boundaries for City Council districts following the 2020 census. 




Caio Arellano - Chair


Shanda Bahles


Susan Erhart


Brian Gilmer - Vice Chair


Susannah Hill


Brian Kissel (alternate)


Marion Marquardt (alternate)


Nabil Saad


Dave Wolter



Staff liaison

Judi Herren
Assistant to the City Manager/City Clerk


Meeting calendar

The Independent Redistricting Commission's regular meetings were approved at its Nov. 18, 2021, meeting. Special meetings can be scheduled as needed and all meeting dates and times are subject to change. You can also view upcoming redistricting events on the citywide calendar.

Type  Date Time Location
Random selection of first 3 members 11/4/2021 6 p.m. Zoom
Interviews Week of 11/18/2021 Zoom
Meeting/public hearing 11/18/2021 6 p.m. Zoom
Meeting 12/9/2021 6 p.m. Zoom
Public/community meeting 12/11/2021 (Saturday) Noon Belle Haven Branch Library (tentative)
Public/community meeting 12/18/2021 (Saturday) Noon City Council Chambers (tentative)
First public hearing (pre-map) 1/27/2022 6 p.m. Zoom
Second public hearing (pre-map) 2/10/2022 6 p.m. Zoom
Hybrid meeting 2/24/2022 6 p.m. Zoom and City Council Chambers
Hybrid mapping workshop 3/3/2022 6 p.m. Zoom and City Council Chambers
Third public hearing (post-map) 3/10/2022 6 p.m. Zoom
Hybrid meeting / public hearing 3/24/2022 5 p.m. Zoom and City Council Chambers
Public hearing 3/31/2022 5:30 p.m. Zoom
Last map submission
(requires 7 day public comment period)
3/25/2022 5 p.m.  
Fourth public hearing (post-map) 4/7/2022 6 p.m. Zoom
Hybrid meeting (map approval) 4/14/2022 6 p.m. Zoom
Final map deadline 4/17/2022    


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