1005 O’Brien Drive and 1320 Willow Road


Tarlton Properties has submitted an application to construct a new five-story research and development (R&D) building 153,550 square feet in size, a new four-story R&D building 73,500 square feet in size, and a six-level, parking structure with 505 parking spaces. An employee amenity space, approximately 9,000 square feet in size would be constructed on the rear of the parking structure. The proposal would include community amenities in exchange for bonus level height and FAR. The project site contains existing, one-story warehouse/R&D buildings that would be demolished as part of the project.

The project would be constructed in two phases, beginning with demolition of the existing buildings at 985 and 1005 O’Brien Drive, partial demolition of the existing building at 1320 Willow Road, and construction of the five-story R&D building fronting O’Brien Drive and the first four levels of the parking structure in the rear. Phase two would consist of demolition of the remainder of the existing 1320 Willow Road building and construction of the new four-story R&D building and two additional levels of the parking structure.

The overall proposal includes:

  • Total buildings: approximately 227,050 square feet
  • Employee amenities and commercial space: 9,000 square feet
  • Height:
  • 1005 O’Brien Drive: 101 feet
  • 1320 Willow Road: 74 feet
  • Total parking: 530 spaces (505 spaces within the parking structure, 25 surface parking spaces)
  • Open space:
  • Total: 53,851 square feet
  • Public: 23,206 square feet

City actions required on proposed project

City staff is evaluating the project proposal to refine the review process, tentative project schedule, required land use entitlements, and the appropriate level of environmental review. It is anticipated that the following land use entitlements would be applicable to the proposed project:

  • Environmental review
  • Use permit
  • Architectural control
  • Below market rate housing agreement
  • Lot merger
  • Lot line adjustment
  • Heritage tree removal permits

Current status

In June 2021, the project proposal was submitted to the City's Planning Division. City staff is currently conducting initial review of the project plans and documents.

Environmental review

An initial study and focused environmental impact report are required for the project. Before starting the environmental review process, the City Council will review and take action on a contract with a qualified firm to perform the analyses. 

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