Dog parks


Dogs are required to be on leash in all public areas and parks, with the exception of designated, fenced, off leash dog parks. 

Friendly reminders to all dog owners

  • Clean up after your dog – Pet waste left on the ground is more than smelly and unsightly – It pollutes our water and poses a health risk for pets and people, especially children. Please make sure to clean up after your pet and properly dispose of it in a plastic bag in a garbage receptacle.
  • Dogs are not allowed in children's play areas of city parks unless they are a designated service animal.
  • Enforcement of the leash law and other animal regulations is provided by the San Mateo County Animal Control through a contract with Peninsula Humane Society.
  • All dogs in San Mateo County are required to be licensed. A San Mateo County animal license may be purchased online, via mail or in person. A current rabies certificate is required.