Dumbarton rail corridor

The Dumbarton Rail Corridor Project would extend commuter rail service across the southern portion of the San Francisco Bay between the Peninsula and the East Bay. When the service starts, the rail corridor will link Caltrain, the Altamont Express, Amtrak's Capitol Corridor and BART, as well as East Bay bus systems, at a multimodal transit center in Union City. 

In 2018, the San Mateo County Transit District kicked off a process with Cross Bay Transit Partners, LLC (Facebook and Plenary Americas) to evaluative the technical and financial feasibility of a transit project along the Dumbarton rail bridge, connecting the Caltrain corridor at Redwood City to the East Bay. In Spring 2020, the project was put on hold due to the global pandemic and was restarted through a partnership with Facebook to compile and document pre-environmental work of the alignment and technology options under consideration for the Dumbarton Rail Corridor Project. The Metropolitan Transportation Commission is leading an effort related to the Dumbarton Highway called Dumbarton Forward.

This effort follows the completion of the 2017 Dumbarton Transportation Corridor Study and will consider the study's recommendations for the rail corridor. The Dumbarton Rail Corridor is a critical connector between residential neighborhoods in the East Bay and job centers on the San Francisco Peninsula. The San Mateo County Transit District is exploring new, environmentally appropriate alternatives for a high quality, high-capacity public rail system. A strategic, community supported Dumbarton rail project could bring much-needed commute alternatives along with job and housing opportunities to the Bay Area.

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