Housing assistance program


The Housing Assistance Program provides financial assistance payments to Menlo Park residents facing displacement from their rental units and homes for reasons not addressed by the tenant relocation assistance ordinance, emergency rental assistance and rental assistance related to impacts of COVID-19, including decrease or loss of income. 

The program, formerly known as the tenant assistance program, helps serve the needs of the community using American Rescue Plan funds, as approved by the City Council. The program will operate through 2024 or until project funds are depleted. To expand the number of households receiving financial assistance, the program now includes mortgage assistance for qualifying owner-occupied households meeting the program eligibility requirements. 

Samaritan House San Mateo operates the program on behalf of the City of Menlo Park. All households in need of financial assistance and/or any of the services offered by Samaritan House San Mateo are encouraged to contact them. Samaritan House San Mateo began serving individuals and families throughout San Mateo County in 1974 and has a proven track record for providing case management services, community clinics, emergency shelters, food services and financial empowerment programs.

Program overview

Eligible uses

  • One-time rental and mortgage assistance related to COVID-19 or other emergency circumstances
  • Tenant relocation assistance (related to substantial rent increase or no cause eviction)

Household eligibility requirements

  • Lease or owner-occupy a residential unit within incorporated Menlo Park
  • Must have resided in unit for a minimum of 12 months
  • Applicants for non COVID-19 related emergency rental assistance must demonstrate their ability to maintain income sustainability (e.g., they have enough income in the future to afford their rent)
  • Income cannot exceed 150% of the county’s area median income

Assistance amounts

  • Up to $5,000 per household (allows Samaritan House to maximize the reach of the program)
  • All rent and mortgage payments will be disbursed directly to landlords, property managers and/or bank/financial institutions.

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Eren Romero
Interim Housing Manager


Adam Patterson
Management Analyst II