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Step 1.Which type of service 

  • City Clerk
    • City Council meeting agendas, minutes and videos
    • Fair Political Practices statements (economic interest and campaign)
    • Redistricting
    • Advisory bodies
  • Building Division
    • Plan check clarification
    • Building code questions
    • Other
  • Finance Division
    • Business license
    • Transient occupancy tax
    • Utility users tax
    • Other
  • Planning Division
    • Development/construction: new project
    • Development/construction: existing project
    • Other
  • Public Works
    • Encroachment permit
    • Engineering questions
    • Flood plain questions
    • Water questions
    • Heritage tree questions
    • Other

Step 2.If this is a maintenance or code enforcement request:

Report via ACT Menlo Park app

Step 3.To request a virtual or in person appointment:

Make an appointment

Step 4.Otherwise, complete this online form:

Contact us


Mail your letter to:

City of Menlo Park
701 Laurel St.
Menlo Park, CA 94025


Step 1.Call us:


Step 2.Select from the following options:

  1. Building Division
  2. Maintenance Division
  3. Library and Community Services
  4. City Manager, City Clerk and City Council
  5. Planning Division
  6. Engineering, Environmental and Transportation
  7. Finance and billing
  8. Human Resources
  9. Police

In person

Visit City Hall:

In person services at City Hall are open by appointment only.

Please complete the online make an appointment form or call 650-330-6600 to schedule a time.

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