Community engagement

Police officers and staff take pride in providing the highest level of service to the public. We embrace our mission of protecting life and property for our entire community while serving with integrity and professionalism. Our community policing philosophy is a combination of utilizing partnerships with the residents, public and private organizations, along with city resources to problem solve and strengthen public trust.

Every year, the City of Menlo Park has worked to build and strengthen community relationships. We know that fostering meaningful relationships with residents and businesses helps when it comes time to address community issues, pressing concerns and current events.

Over several years, vast improvements have been made in opening the lines of communication, reducing crime and solving problems. From a Menlo Park community visioning meeting in 2012, crime statistics and community member personal stories and experiences combined to provide a collaborative approach to resolve problems, reduce crime and improve police department transparency. Several goals and objectives were established and community engagement was reborn.

We know that by being proactive, approachable and engaging with our community is important, and will in turn, help encourage residents to be open. We know that community members and business owners have ideas and recommendations, so we continue to provide several platforms for residents and businesses to interact with us and be heard. Our ultimate goals are to provide the respect along with high quality service in every one of our interactions.