The Menlo Park Police Department is committed to transparency and open communication. We understand transparency builds trust, and we are dedicated to increasing the openness by sharing police data, providing access to our police department policies and sharing our annual crime stats and complaint logs. 

As part of our transparency efforts, the department joined the White House’s Police Data Initiative in May 2016. The Police Data Initiative included leading law enforcement agencies, technologists and researchers, committed to improving the relationship between the public and police. In 2014, President Obama launched the Task Force on 21st Century Policing to foster effective collaboration between law enforcement and local communities that reduces crime and increases trust. As a result of the Task Force recommendations, Menlo Park joined other law enforcement agencies nationwide and launched the open data portal which contains several data sets that include calls for service, traffic stops, collisions, citations and department demographics, etc. 

We continue to strive to build a culture of openness and transparency in policing. For years, we have been committed to bridging the gap of no trust and unstable relationships with the community by way of community input through the chief’s advisory board and strategic planning sessions. We provide communication platforms for the community to engage through our social media, neighborhood informational meetings, community events and community academies for youth and adults to interact with department members.

Our goal is for our community and visitors in the City of Menlo Park to have confidence that our police organization provides exceptional and accountable service. We strive for all of our interactions to be open and honest, and to hold ourselves to the expected high standards of the law enforcement profession by ethically policing and treating others with dignity and respect. We acknowledge that we possess a tremendous responsibility, and we continue to work cooperatively with all stakeholders in order to achieve our mission of protecting and serving with integrity and professionalism.