Belle Haven Traffic Calming Plan implementation

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The Belle Haven neighborhood is defined as the area bounded by Willow Road on the east, the Dumbarton Rail Corridor on the north, and U.S. Highway 101 on the south.

Typically, cut-through traffic refers to trips generated outside of a predefined area and traveling through to a destination outside of the area. To counter this type of driving behavior, traffic calming measures such as education, enforcement and physical structures are often recommended and implemented as possible solutions.

On Sept. 21, 2021, the City Council approved the permanent implementation of a modified plan(PDF, 415KB)

    Current status

    The design consultant is preparing final design plans and working with other agencies for final approvals:

    • Willow Road and Newbridge Street intersection signal improvements (Caltrans right of way)
    • Ivy Drive improvements (SFPUC right of way)
    • Terminal Avenue, Newbridge Street and Chilco Street improvements (city right of way)

    Construction is anticipated to commence in early 2023. 

    Project background

    On April 20, 2019, the City Council approved the Belle Haven Neighborhood Traffic Management Plan to address cut-through traffic concerns in the Belle Haven neighborhood through the use of traffic calming measures.

    In June 2020, the installation of temporary traffic calming measures within City jurisdiction was completed. Additionally, schematic design plans were submitted to SFPUC and Caltrans in October 2020 for initial review.

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