Haven Avenue streetscape improvement


The Haven Avenue streetscape project will provide new bicycle and pedestrian facilities to Haven Avenue, connecting Menlo Park, San Mateo County and Redwood City residents and employees.

The project area includes Haven Avenue, between Marsh Road and the San Mateo County border (where the existing bicycle lanes terminate).

It provides a direct connection to the San Francisco Bay Trail, and will function as an interim gap closure of the Bay Trail between Bedwell Bayfront Park and Seaport Avenue, better serving both commute and recreational needs. The sidewalk gap closures and enhanced crosswalks will also provide pedestrian connections for transit riders accessing the area, including SamTrans service (Route 270). 

Current status

  • Project obtained a new Caltrans Encroachment Permit and awaiting permit from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • Project bid package being finalized
  • Construction advertisement tentative for Spring 2023

Project background

The project is partially funded by a grant from the San Mateo County Transportation Authority's Bicycle and Pedestrian Program and includes the following elements:

  • Adding on-street bicycle lanes with horizontal buffers where roadway widths allow and green treatments in vehicle-bicycle interaction zones
  • Closing sidewalk gaps
  • Adding a new pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the Atherton Channel
  • Providing enhanced pedestrian crossing improvements to the Marsh Road-Haven Avenue-Bayfront Expressway intersection including:
    • widened sidewalks
    • replacement of curb ramps to comply with current ADA standards
    • realigning the existing crosswalk on the northwest (Haven Avenue) leg of the intersection
    • improving the existing median to provide a crossing refuge island.

To install bicycle lanes on Haven Avenue, on-street parking modifications will be required on a portion of Haven Avenue, as there is not sufficient width to install bicycle lanes and provide on-street parking on both sides of the street. City Council and both the Bicycle and Transportation Commissions reviewed and approved these improvements in October and August 2015.

A portion of the Haven Avenue Streetscape project will be designed and constructed by St. Anton, the residential developers for the multifamily apartments on Haven Avenue, as part of a required mitigation measure from the City’s Housing Element.

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