Street resurfacing

  • Project typeStreets and sidewalks

This ongoing project includes the selection and detailed design of streets to be resurfaced throughout the City during the fiscal year and utilizes a pavement management system to assess the condition of existing streets and assist in the selection process.

This project enhances the city roadway network and improves safety, and incorporates multimodal transportation infrastructure in accordance with the city transportation plans as streets are identified for resurfacing.

This cost estimate does not account for application of any specialized paving treatments to reduce roadway noise.

2023 resurfacing program

The 2023 street resurfacing program will improve approximately 15 roads, spanning across the city. The selection of roads is currently being researched and will be finalized during early 2023 and constructed in summer 2023.

The surface layer of asphalt roadway will be grinded down and repaved. Select locations will have increased ADA access due to curb ramp improvements. Curb, gutter and sidewalk that uprooted by large tree roots will be repaired.

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