Crossing guards

Adult crossing guards help students and families navigate difficult crossings, reducing the common barriers parents describe in allowing their children to walk and roll to and from school. The following are ways to learn more how to train as a crossing guard and implement a program. However, please make sure that any coordination is made with your local school and/or school district so that crossing guards are properly trained and approved to be out on the streets. 

Training materials and resources

Apply to be a crossing guard

The three elementary school districts (Las Lomitas Elementary School District, Menlo Park City School District, and Ravenswood City School District) are now looking for interested individuals who can be crossing guards in their schools around Menlo Park. 

To apply to be a crossing guard:

  • For the Las Lomitas Elementary School District and Menlo Park City School District, please submit an online application or call 800-540-9290. 
  • For the Ravenswood City School District, please call 650-444-0359 to reach Delma Camacho, the Maintenance, Operations, and Transportation Coordinator for the district.