Commercial waste collection services

Solid waste and recycling bins and carts

Blue recycling bin/cart

  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Magazines and junk mail
  • Metal cans and aluminum foil
  • Milk and juice cartons
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Paper egg cartons and newspaper
  • Plastic containers numbered 1 through 7 (except black plastic, plastic bags, or polystyrene foam)
  • Small scrap metal

Green organics bin/cart (available at a reduced rate)

  • Food scraps (meat and bones, dairy, fruits, and vegetables
  • Food contaminated paper products (plates, napkins and cups)
  • Pizza boxes
  • Yard trimmings (grass clippings and prunings)

Please NO cooking oil, animal waste, treated wood or diapers. Use a kitchen pail for collecting food scraps in your home.

Biodegradable bags certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute are acceptable.  View the list of acceptable bags.

Black garbage bin/cart

  • Bagged animal waste
  • Black plastic
  • Ceramics and glassware
  • Diapers
  • Juice and soup boxes
  • Mirrors and window glass
  • Nursery plant containers
  • Packaging peanuts
  • Plastic bags and film
  • Polystyrene foam packing
  • Regular light bulbs
  • Snack papers and wrappers

These items cannot be placed in the black garbage cart:

  • Batteries and cell phones
  • Fluorescent lights, tubes or CFLs
  • Household hazardous waste
  • Medicines
  • Motor oil and filters
  • Sharps, needles, syringes or lancets
  • TVs, computers or monitors

Resources to help your business recycle more

  • Free internal recycling and compost containers (subject to availability) from Recology of San Mateo County.
  • Free technical assistance from Recology of San Mateo County's Recycling Coordinator to help your business divert more material from your garbage and answer questions about hard to recycle items like ink jet cartridges and packaging.
  • Learn more about the requirements and resources for starting your business recycling program.

Assistance is available

For questions or more information, including service changes and inquiries, cancellations and billing please contact Recology directly.