City launches new website and updated mobile app

Published on November 01, 2021


The City of Menlo Park is excited to launch a new website that will help us better serve residents, businesses and visitors. At the beginning, we’re launching a beta website before we make it our official site and transition to the .gov domain. For a time, the beta site will exist in tandem with our previous website. New events and information will be posted to the new site while the previous website remains accessible to the public. 

The new site, located at, focuses on providing better access to services and information and includes:

  • a simple search that makes it easier to find information and services
  • a continued commitment to responsive design that adapts to phones, tablets, laptops and computers
  • integration with city social media accounts
  • and more

Updated mobile app

At the same time, the City is proud to announce an updated mobile app experience to better connect residents to city announcements. The mobile app, powered by Simplicity, is the place where you can easily find all important community updates, announcements and events via push notifications. The app is free and available for iOS and Android. Download the app now at and select Menlo Park as your city. Share it with your friends, family and neighbors!

A few reminders

  • A learning curve: Information on our new website will be in different places than you may be used to. The new website uses customer-focused design and reflects how the public seeks information and services. There is less emphasis on navigation through departments to find information and services, and more emphasis on using the search tool.
  • Search is the first stop: The search tool on the new website will be your primary source for finding information. Note that the search tool will bring up pages instead of PDFs.
  • Update your bookmarks: URLs may be different, so you will need to update your bookmarks. If you link to specific pages on the City’s website, those links will need to be updated during this time to the new links. Ultimately, the city will move to the .gov domain.
  • Help us: During the beta phase, we will continue to update content. Your search may lead to a “404 error” page. If you receive this error, please fill out the report form on the error page so that the team can work to correct it and help you locate what you requested.