City to implement new automated appointment system

Published on March 28, 2022


Menlo Park will soon implement a new automated queuing system to reduce wait times for visitors to city hall for the building, planning, public works, finance, and city clerk offices. Coming soon, this new customer engagement system aims to increase transparency by providing updates via text messaging and on-screen monitoring in the city hall lobby. Currently, appointments are required while visiting city hall.

Once the system is launched, customers can join a virtual queue online or using their mobile phone via text or mobile app. Customers are then given a personal appointment time and in the future, ability to see the wait times for on the spot appointments. Timely notifications will alert customers with accurate wait times as they move to the front of the queue, so they’re free to tend to other business, instead of waiting in line in the lobby. Visitors will appreciate a more effective system that frees up their time, and that city staff will be able to provide better customer service. 

The team at city hall has completed the basic set-up procedures and are in the process of training staff. Stay tuned for more information as we roll out the new system.