COVID-19 community transmission high in San Mateo County

Published on July 18, 2022

Girl wearing mask in grocery store.jpg

San Mateo County is in the CDC “high” tier, reflecting substantial virus transmission in the community. As the variants outcompete their predecessors, they are even more transmissible and able to evade the immune response of both vaccination and prior infection, prolonging this period of high community transmission.

The county is strongly recommending wearing a high-quality mask in indoor settings and increasing ventilation – such as by opening windows and doors where possible – to help prevent infection. Encouraging residents to test if symptomatic and to be in contact with one’s physician or if positive to access the treatments that are available. County Health continues to reinforce the importance of remaining up to date with vaccinations, as they continue to offer significant protection against severe illness. Families seeking vaccines for children under 5 should contact their pediatric care provider to schedule an appointment. Other options include Walgreens (for ages 3 and up) and CVS (for 18 months and older). Information is also available on MyTurn website.