Draft Housing Element Update submitted to the State of California

Published on July 25, 2022


Over the past year, the Menlo Park community and stakeholders from across the region have participated in outreach and engagement efforts for the Housing Element Update. The draft Housing Element for the 2023-2031 planning period was submitted to the State Department of Housing and Community Development on July 25, 2022. Following the June 6, 2022, City Council meeting, where the draft Housing Element was discussed, a required 10-business-day review period for the City to consider/incorporate revisions to the draft Housing Element began June 13, 2022, and concluded June 24, 2022. To gather as much feedback as possible, the City continued to receive and consider comments for the draft Housing Element through July 5, 2022. In addition to comments received at public meetings of the Housing Commission, Planning Commission and City Council, over 100 written comments were received and collected by City staff between May 11 and July 5, 2022.

The draft Housing Element submission, including all written comments received, is available on the Housing Element Update webpage (see “Related documents”). The final Housing Element is anticipated to be reviewed by the City Council at the end of the year.

Throughout the Housing Element Update process, the City seeks input through a variety of engagement opportunities to learn from the community about what matters to you. All jurisdictions in the Bay Area must update their Housing Element for the 2023-2031 planning period. The Housing Element is an opportunity to have a community conversation about how to address local housing challenges and find solutions. The Housing Element includes goals, policies and programs that direct decision-making around housing for current and future residents of Menlo Park. Please visit the Housing Element Update webpage to view the latest information and sign up for project updates.