Solid waste and water discount program extended

Published on October 03, 2022


The City Council extended the rate assistance program that provides assist for those suffering financial hardship. The extended program runs through June 30, 2023. Qualified households may receive a 20% monthly discount on solid waste service from Recology San Mateo County and a fixed monthly discount equivalent to 50% of the 5/8 meter service charge on water service from Menlo Park Municipal Water.

To be eligible for this pilot program, households must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be enrolled in the PG&E CARE program, which is another discount program that offers a monthly minimum of 20% on gas and electricity
  • Submit most recent PG&E bill to verify CARE enrollment. Service address on the PG&E bill must be the same on the solid waste and water bills, but the names may be different
  • Submit most recent Recology and MPMW bills to receive applicable discounts
  • Recertify eligibility according to the PG&E CARE program enrollment expiration date

Households may enroll in the PG&E CARE program on the PG&E website, calling 1-877-743-2273 or emailing CARE program support. After enrolling in the CARE program, please visit the city’s rate assistance program webpage for a short application form in English and in Spanish.

For households who live in the California Water (Cal Water) service area, Cal Water’s Customer Assistance Program provides financial assistance for qualified households.

For those who need further financial assistance, contact Samaritan House at 650-347-3648 or visit their office at 1836B Bay Rd in East Palo Alto.