Job classifications

City of Menlo Park job classifications contain the position definition, supervisory structure, class characteristics, example job functions, qualifications, education and experience, licenses and certifications, physical demands, environmental elements and the date of last revision. 

Police Officers Association

Police Sergeants Association

Service Employees International Union

Unrepresented management

  • Administrative Services Director
  • Assistant Administrative Services Director
  • Assistant City Manager
  • Assistant Community Development Director - Building
  • Assistant Community Development Director - Planning
  • Assistant Community Services Director
  • Assistant Library Services Director
  • Assistant Public Works Director
  • Assistant to the City Manager
  • Assistant to the City Manager / City Clerk
  • Assistant Public Works Director - Engineering
  • Assistant Public Works Director - Maintenance
  • Assistant Public Works Director - Transportation
  • City Clerk
  • City Manager
  • Community Development Director
  • Deputy City Manager
  • Deputy Community Development Director - Housing
  • Economic Development Manager
  • Finance and Budget Manager(PDF, 152KB)
  • Finance Director
  • Housing and Economic Development Manager
  • Housing Manager
  • Human Resources Director
  • Human Resources Manager(PDF, 271KB)
  • Information Technology Manager
  • Library and Community Services Director
  • Planning Manager(PDF, 152KB)
  • Police Chief
  • Police Commander
  • Public Engagement Manager
  • Public Works Director
  • Public Works Superintendent
  • Transportation Director
  • Transportation Manager