103 Dunsmuir Way

On display until February 28, 2023, 05:00 PM

Request for a use permit to demolish an existing one-story residence and construct a new two-story residence with a basement on a substandard lot with regard to minimum lot area and width in the R-1-U (Single Family Urban Residential) zoning district.

The application will require review and action by the Planning Commission at a scheduled public meeting. The date of the public meeting has not yet been determined. Once the proposal is scheduled for a specific meeting date, a second notice will be mailed with specific information on the meeting date, time and place. The second notice will be mailed 15 days before the meeting date.

City staff has not completed review of the plans and site information(PDF, 2MB) as of the date of this notice. As a result of City staff review and public comment, the preliminary plans may be revised before any public meeting on this proposal. If you are interested in viewing revised project plans, they will be available for review one week before the Planning Commission meeting, which will be advertised in the public hearing notice, and attached to the staff report which will be available online on the Thursday before the meeting.

Please submit comments and questions to Senior Planner Calvin Chan by Sept. 30, 2022, in order for staff and the applicant to fully consider all comments and questions before the preparation of the staff report. Written correspondence is typically considered a public record and may be attached to staff reports, which are posted on the city website.

Si usted necesita más información sobre este proyecto, por favor llame al 650-330-6702, y pregunte por un asistent e que hable español.