Sidewalk repair program


Sidewalks are where residents exercise, walk to local shops, wait for the bus, and talk with neighbors. They are one of the most important pieces of Menlo Park’s transportation network.

Local ordinance

Municipal Code Chapter 13.08 requires that adjacent property owners keep their sidewalks in good repair and safe for public travel. This means keeping the sidewalk clear from vegetation overgrowth and making repairs to the sidewalks when damaged.

Repair responsibility

When a City street tree causes sidewalk damage, the City completes the required repairs or replacement. This is part of the sidewalk repair program funded through the landscaping assessment district.

If a City street tree isn't the cause, repairs are the responsibility of the owner whose property fronts the sidewalk.

Eliminating the hazard

In either case, the City makes temporary repairs to reduce the immediate hazard. The City then hires a contractor to repair/replace sidewalks damaged by City street trees as part of its annual work plan.

Annual work plan

Each fiscal year, the City repairs sidewalks in different areas as shown in the table below. For instance, the City made repairs in City Council districts 3 and 4 during fiscal year 2021-22. 

District Years work completed 
2 2020-21
3 2021-22
4 2021-22
5 2020-21

Please use the ACT Menlo Park app to report a sidewalk hazard, and City staff will inspect the location.

View sidewalk replacement locations

To determine sidewalk replacement locations for previous and upcoming years, use the interactive sidewalk replacement map.



I do not have a street tree or public sidewalk in front of my property. Do I still have to pay an assessment?

Yes. However, your assessment will be lower than what is charged to those who do have street trees in front of their property.

How can I find out what I am presently paying for street tree maintenance and sidewalk repair?

You can refer to your last property tax bill to find out your total assessment cost.

How can I have my sidewalk repaired?

Report the location here.  If the sidewalk is damaged by a City tree, the assessment will pay for the repair.  If the damage is not caused by a City tree, the property owner is responsible for repairing the sidewalk.  Once a sidewalk tripping hazard is reported, the City will temporarily patch the sidewalk to remove the hazard. 

Can I have a street tree planted if I do not have one?

Yes, to submit your tree planting request or schedule a site inspection with the City Arborist click here.

What if I believe my assessment is incorrect?

You may call the Engineering Division and they will verify your assessment.  If the assessment is incorrect the City will refund the difference, retroactive to one (1) year.

How often can I expect my street tree to be pruned?

The City's street trees are pruned once every five years.

How many street trees are there in the City?

The City maintains approximately 17,000 street trees.

Can new services be added to the Assessment District?

New services and associated costs can be added to the Assessment District.  However, a public meeting and a public hearing are required and all property owners must be notified of the meeting, the new services to be provided, and associated fee increases.

How are assessments determined?

Annually, the City calculates the cost of providing the services.  The amount each property owner is assessed depends on whether there are City maintained trees and public sidewalks in front of the property.  The assessment is annually reviewed by the City Council at a public hearing.

What is a Landscaping Assessment District?

The Landscape and Lighting Act of 1972 is a State law that allows cities to levy a fee annually to properties which benefit from the services funded by the assessment.  The City of Menlo Park Landscaping Assessment District was formed in 1983 subsequent to a citizen advisory vote, and is used to fund street tree maintenance and the repair of sidewalks damaged by street tree roots.

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