Street tree maintenance or planting

City of Menlo Park maintains at least 20,000 public street trees located along sidewalks, parks and city facilities. As the climate gets warmer every year, the City replaces dead or dying Street trees with drought tolerant trees. 

Street trees are planted in the public right of way and may not be removed by residents. Typically, street trees are pruned on a 5-year rotating schedule. If they appear to be unhealthy or needs pruning, please submit any inquiries or requests through ACT Menlo Park, the city’s reporting system for maintenance and service requests. 

Street tree planting program

Planting trees in urban areas create healthier communities. Trees clean the air, reduce heat, noise, crime and stress for locals. By stewarding a tree on your property, or in front of it, you are helping your entire community to live healthier, more sustainable lives. When we plant trees, we are giving a gift to the environment and to future generations. 

Residents may request a tree to be planted in front of their residency through ACT Menlo Park. City staff will visit and evaluate the site before determining whether a street tree could be planted. Tenants or property owners are responsible for water the trees and will receive instructions once the tree is planted.

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