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  • Project typeResidential multifamily

Greystar has submitted a request for a use permit, architectural control, environmental review, below market rate housing agreement, and BMR density bonus to redevelop the project site with approximately 158 multifamily dwelling units, approximately 13,400 square foot office space, and approximately 1,600 square feet of commercial space on a 1.38-acre parcel.

The proposed mixed-use building would be eight stories tall, including three levels of above grade podium parking. The commercial space would be located on the first and second floor. The project site is located in the R-MU-B (residential mixed-use, bonus) zoning district. The project site currently contains a one-story, approximately 24,300 square foot, office building that would be demolished. The proposed building would contain approximately 153,964 square feet of gross floor area of residential uses with a floor area ratio of 256%.

The proposed building would contain a commercial component of 15,000 square feet of gross floor area with a floor area ratio of 25%. The proposal includes a request for an increase in height, density and floor area ratio under the bonus level development allowance in exchange for community amenities.

The proposed project would include a below market rate housing agreement that requires a minimum of 15% of the units (21 units of the 138 maximum units allowed by the zoning ordinance before accounting for the 15 bonus units) be affordable. The applicant is proposing to incorporate 20 additional market-rate units (which are included in the total 158 units), per the density bonus provisions in the BMR Housing Program (Chapter 16.96.040). The proposed project includes removal of two heritage trees.

The project required a fiscal impact analysis and a community amenities proposal. A community amenities appraisal, compliant with the City’s approved appraisal instructions, was prepared and approved by the assistant community development director.  

Current status

During its March 28, 2022, meeting, the Planning Commission reviewed and certified the Final EIR and approved the requested entitlements for the project. The Planning Commission's actions were not appealed to the City Council.

Environmental review

Final environmental impact report

The Final Environmental Impact Report(PDF, 1MB) has been released and is available for review. The public comment period closed March 28, 2022, and the Planning Commission held a public hearing that day on requested land use entitlements and certification of the final environmental impact report.

An initial study and focused environmental impact report are required for the project. On July 23, 2020, the City Council approved a contract to start the environmental review process. The Notice of Preparation and Initial Study for the project were released November 16, 2020, and public comments were received Nov. 16, 2020, to Dec. 21, 2020. In accordance with the requirements outlined in Section 15168 of the CEQA Guidelines, the project-level initial study was prepared to disclose the relevant impacts and mitigation measures addressed in the certified program-level ConnectMenlo EIR, and discuss whether the project is within the parameters of the ConnectMenlo EIR, or if additional analysis would be necessary.

Additionally, as a result of the settlement agreement between the City of Menlo Park and the City of East Palo Alto, housing and transportation were required to be analyzed. Based on the findings of the initial study, a DEIR was prepared and was included with the Notice of Availability for the proposed project. The focused DEIR, technical appendices and Notice of Availability were released Friday, Oct. 22, 2021 with the 45-day public comment period beginning Monday, Oct. 25, 2021 until Tuesday, Dec. 7, 2021. The Final EIR was prepared for the project and does not identify any significant and unavoidable environmental impacts that would result from the implementation of the proposed project. The Final EIR identifies potentially significant environmental impacts that can be mitigated to a less than significant level in the following categories: Air Quality, Transportation and Noise. The Final EIR identifies less than significant environmental impacts in the following categories: Population and Housing and Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

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