Water quality


Currently, all Menlo Park Municipal Water’s drinking water is supplied by the Hetch Hetchy regional water system, operated by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

The Hetch Hetchy system provides high quality drinking water to over 2 million people in the Bay Area. The SFPUC maintains a watershed control program that effectively limits or eliminates potential contamination to the water supply. The Hetch Hetchy water supply meets all federal and State criteria for watershed protection, disinfection treatment, bacteriological quality and operational standards, allowing the SFPUC and Menlo Park Municipal Water to provide customers with exceptionally high quality drinking water.

Menlo Park routinely monitors the distribution system for bacteriological quality, chlorine residual, general physical parameters and disinfection by-products. Regular testing is completed as required for lead and copper, samples are taken each week for bacteriological analysis.

Annual water quality reports

Cross-connection control program

San Mateo County Environmental Health Services manages the Menlo Park Municipal Water’s cross-connection control program, including notifications, record keeping, tester certification, and site surveys for cross-connection compliance. Backflow Prevention Testers must be certified by San Mateo County and be on the approved list of Certified Backflow Prevention Testers.  For information about the cross connection program, please contact San Mateo County Environmental Health Services at 650-372-6200.